The Armor-Coat Process:


  1. 20 point inspection complete with damage assessment.
  2. Your Titan Armor-Coat Rep will photograph and document all damage sustained in the storm.
  3. Free aerial measurements will be provided to your insurance adjuster at the time of the  adjustment.
  4. This is critical, in order for you to get everything that you deserve and  to keep
    the claim process going smooth.


  1. Your Titan Armor-Coat Rep will meet with your insurance adjuster and present him/her with the detailed damage report or scope of damage.
  2. Your insurance company will send you a detailed summary of items that were damaged and need repair. This is just an estimate. Present the estimate to your titan armor-coat rep as soon as you can. If items are missed we will need to start the supplement process which could delay your restoration.
  3. Your Armor-Coat Protection Program ensures a fair settlement for all covered damages as a result of the recent storms.
  4. Toll-Free: 855-20-TITAN

Planning and Production:

  1. Once the scope is agreed upon and your job is funded all that is left is to pick out materials and colors. Your insurance company will only pay for like materials, meaning similar or as close to what you have on your home now. You are responsible for any upgrades.
  2. Your Titan Armor-Coat Rep will go over the production schedule with you to make sure there are not any conflicts.
  3. Once we have agreed upon a date to start the work. Your Titan Armor-Coat Rep will coordinate this with production. (All start dates are weather permitting)

The Build:

  1. All of Titan Group’s employees are experienced and have been trained in the field they are working.
  2. All jobs are completed with attention to detail. Titan Group will exceed most expectations, we utilize some of the  highest quality products during production. We will not cut corners under any circumstances.
  3. Your Titan Armor-Coat Rep is also the project manager. So he will be at your job most of the day overseeing our crews and assisting them if needed.

Final Walk Through:

  1. After the last nail is driving and your property is fully restored to pre-storm condition or better, you and your titan armor-coat rep will do a final walk through.
  2. Final payment will be accepted only when you are 100% satisfied. if there is any items that need attention titan group will accept a partial payment and the balance upon completion or repairs.